New PB's at the Summer Nationals!

We’ve made loads of progress this weekend at the Summer Nationals. We finally got a full pass down the track, with new PB’s of 8.81 and 156mph – and the biggest break out of the weekend!

We ran without the nitrous this weekend so the bike was a little slow off the line, but now I’ve been down the track and got a really good feel for the bike, we can work on going faster. I’ve been asked a few times over the weekend if I prefer two wheels to four… I’ve loved everything I’ve driven but It’s a bit more wild going down the track head first, the bike is just bad ass.

We’d like to thank Steve French for his help and guidance over the weekend, we were struggling to burnout with the set up of our new clutch, but we are now close to perfecting it. I’d also like to thank the guys in ET Bike for welcoming me into the class, and congratulations to Phil Pratt who went on to win the event after beating me in the first round, (I will get you next time!)

We have some exciting news that we will be able to share next week, you may find some spoilers over on out Facebook page: