Introducing our new Drag Bike build

Since we won't be making an appearance at the track for a while, we wanted to show you all the new look for the bike. It was painted in-house by Dad. After a few hours spent on YouTube he mixed the perfect candy pink! Thanks to Steve Taylor at GB Refinishers for supplying the paint. We wanted a design similar to the original Pink Lady funny car with those Hot Wheels style flames, and I think we achieved the perfect look! The pink has a slight gold pearl that comes out in the sun, you’ll be able to see in person when we get out. We’re really chuffed with the look.

The bike is all ready to go, and we wouldn’t have got there without the help of a few people so shoutout to: Dave Branch for the engine machining, Dave Dunlop for the Turbo builds and Phil Crossley for machining parts. Another thanks to Jake Mechaell, Nick Shaggy Daniels, Kev Charman and Steve French for the advice and answered silly questions over the last few years!