The Ultimate Stanced Altered

The Ultimate Stance show had some of Europe's most radical vehicles on display, but the Wheel Whores hall had something quite special to offer, something with another meaning to the word "stanced". This 2000bhp Fuel Altered, driven by 21 year old Jayne Kay is driven down the quarter mile drag strip, reaching speeds of up to 220mph in less than 7 seconds. This mean machine may look pretty in pink but when it hauls down the drag strip Jayne will experience up to 2G's of force powered by the 488cui Big Block Chevy.

The Pink Lady Racing Altered took it's place at the entrance to the Wheel Whores show, sitting pretty in the company of the Milestone 71 Porsche 964. Needless to say this entrant got 1st place for deepest dish rims.

Photo Credit: Spiller Photography