First Race in the Fuel Altered


Since the purchase of the complete turnkey Altered from 3x NFAA Champion Clayton Round, the new drive for Jayne Kay has undergone a new look and and it’s first outing!

My first time out at the Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway was slightly nerve racking as it was the previous year I had my last race in the Funny Car. I had no idea how the different the car would handle compared to the funny, so I chose to do single passes as we all know the reputation wild altereds have.

The first time out on the track was exciting, from my burnout alone I knew it was a wild one, as it hooked up and aimed right for the tree (mildly missing David’s toes!) During staging I found it difficult to keep the car from dragging me though the lights because the rpm on idle was pretty high, I did a hard launch and backed off so I could go back to the pits with some data and no broken parts, at this point the motor was not tuned to do a full pass but I needed that time on the track to get a handle of the car.

After Friday we kept it in the pits for the rest of the weekend. We had the fuel system to sort out with the help of Dave Milam and Dave Wilson, who tested the check valves and made sure the motor wasn’t returning too much fuel which is the reason it sounded boggy on the track. We also had the gearbox out, after some unusual noises we took it out and stripped it to double check, there were no problems so we assume it just didn't sit in a gear right. We had a few bugs getting the motor to run crisp but with the help of Richard Walters we got the timing right and killed the 4 foot flames we had going on in the pits. Pity it wasn’t darker out, it would have made a wicked cacklefest!

One question I was frequently asked over the weekend was “How does it compare to the Funny Car? It’s like taking your shades off on a really sunny day. The biggest difference is the startling routine because now I can see everything. I know when I start laying down some quick numbers I will feel the wind in my face!!

We have had to withdraw our entry for Dragstalgia next weekend and are yet to announce our next appearance with the Pink Lady Model T Altered, however we can promise we will be out testing before the European Finals. This is due to my Dad’s recent injury, his leg in (pink) plaster after a high side motorbike crash during his race at Three Sisters Race Track. He has a broken ankle, leg and a number of ribs therefore it would be too much to ask to get the car out just 3 weeks prior to the accident. (However this did not stop me catching him putting the gear box back in the altered whilst balancing on one leg). My Dad is currently working on licensing to allow him to race at the TT for 2015/16.

We also would like to congratulate Peter Walters for his two awesome licensing passes in Dave Wilson’s Silverline a/fuel dragster. I was lucky enough to get behind the scenes with the team thanks to Derek Flynn at

I’d like to introduce some of our new Sponsors for 2014:

A big thanks to our newest partner of the Pink Lady Racing team SimpsonLids. provide helmets to the UK and European community at a fair and competitive price. All helmets come with a 10% discount and p&p included! They also supply the new SFI 38. certified Necksgen Rev head/neck restraints. If you find the same deal cheaper they will beat it!

“ is proud to be sponsoring Jayne Kay and the Pink Lady Racing Drag Team. We met for the first time at Round 1 of the European Drag Championships held at the Santa Pod Raceway. We were made to feel very welcome! The Simpson CH3NO2 helmet we supplied, is a great addition to the kit bag and I know it will serve its purpose to the highest level. The car looked awesome in the pink paint job and we wish it and the team every success in the future. Good luck Jayne!”

Another new and exciting new partner for 2014 is Californian handbag company Trophy Queen founded in 2000 by Jenny Tanner. Trophy Queen produce high quality original products including handbags, wallets, luggage and more. They are a trend setter in the fashion, hot rod and kustom kulture scene. -

Custom Coach trimming are another new sponsor for us at Pink Lady Racing this year. They have designed and hand made a bespoke seat for the altered, it provides comfort and a perfect hot rod theme for the car.

To my sponsors who have been with us over the past few years with the funny car, thank you for staying with us at team Pink Lady Racing.

Peter Walters Race Design has been doing all our design work since racing in Junior Dragster. To match the stunning paint work, our crew have also been equipped with some matching team shirts. Peter has started to supply his own fully printed/sublimated shirts at some great prices, so get in touch via the website to find out more on how you can get a great look for your race team as well as your car.

And a big thanks to RW Custom Paint ( for providing us with yet another striking paint scheme. Richard Walters has been producing some of the best paint schemes in the business over the years, including Bob Glassup and Joe Bond's altered, Wendy Baker's Time Warp funny car and more recently Steve Rawlings corvette and Matt Wrights Rolls', just to name a few.

We are proud to have on board with us for a third year running, we love the team and their high-quality line of merchandise and automotive apparel. They are a brand recognised globally and have official dealers all over the World. They have recently developed a new wheel cleaner, another addictive addition to the Wheel Whores brand.

“We're proud to be working with Jayne Kay and the Pink Lady Racing team once again and can't wait to see the new car in action. From what we've seen so far it looks like Jayne and the team will be up to speed and taking no prisoners once again very soon!”

A big thanks to all our sponsors;,,,, and As well as the help from Richard Walters, Dave and Stef Milam, Dave Wilson and Timo Habermann over the weekend.

Photo Credit :: Julian Hunt